Shamelessly, we are alienating large swathes of businesses in favour of you in the creative sectors. You are our focus and we love to work for you because it is fun and, you know - what we know.

You love technology. Your people are natural technologists and have highly skilled capability. BUT - That capability and energy is reserved for your creative work, we know this. We respect your knowledge in tech but at the same time we sweep away the aspects of this that are a distraction to your main functions.

Please click on a role below to see if our understanding is correct, hopefully it will give you an idea of the kinds of things we are concerned about on your behalf.


You run a team of creative people that have high demands for expensive software and hardware. They are great, incredibly motivated but always on deadline and need a robust IT service that meets all their needs. It is on you to ensure they have the correct tools for their job and you recognise the investment in IT is important to your investment in people and the success of the two are interdependent.

2D Designers

You love technology, especially your Macs. But while you love it you only love it for Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, etc.. You care enough to know you want a fast server with lots of capacity and that a gigabit leased line is a good thing; but you also need these things taken care of and out of your way to let you focus.

3D Designers

You love technology and with this ever changing landscape of software you are constantly learning. Seems there is no clear winner of software in this field, especially when it comes to 3D modelling and rendering.

Vectorworks people - Your main 2d app and often the starting point for your modelling. You enjoy using the app but not interested in managing your VSS subscription or having to setup a licensing server. You may find you are frustrated at having swap dongles around or manage the awkward E series licenses.

Cinema 4D people - You get very technical with this tool, you have loads to worry about and would prefer someone else to worry about that awkward Vray installation and (while much better these days) setting up an in-house team render network. You rely on a stable server for those overnight renders to complete and appreciative when the IT team give you a reliable tool to allow you to remote control and check in on your progress.

3DS Max people - Often lonely in an all mac studio but you are a master of this highly technical application. You need access to the same servers your colleagues on macs use and don't like it when IT change your server mappings and break your links.§

Finance Director

You have your own IT needs that are different to the rest of the creative team. Like finance, IT is another cornerstone of the business and because of that you take a serious interest to ensure the team's needs are taken care of and you can prove value in the investments that are being made. This is not always easy when it comes to creative teams, you must rely on the expertise of the creative team members along with with IT to strike the right balance of investment for the requirement.

You appreciate it when your IT is concerned about budgeting and automatically break spending down into capex and opex. You also like it when IT let you know when an asset has been disposed of so you can cross it if off the register.