Our standard service agreement

We want to get ahead on your IT and reduce support calls. We will be present, helpful and available; spotting problems or new possibilities as they arise. So we will always maintain a regular on-site presence even if there are no support issues.

We like to provide this as an unlimited package for a single monthly fee. Our package includes a minimum time onsite that is not just for support related work but also for IT administration and for keeping you moving with IT consultancy and project work. The package is a combined service that allows your business to keep pace with advancing tech as well as support.

This unlimited support model means our incentive is for the tech to just work and the included advancements means you can, with confidence, know that our advice is not there to drive up our engineering charges - it's included.

Most IT companies work support contracts in a kind of insurance way. Typically, you will pay for engineers to be on-hand in case you need support but if you need a new server, that is an additional charge. Our model is designed to be resource heavy where you achieve maximum value for the cost.

The technologies we support

We are quite confident we cover the vast majority of technologies that are used by creative businesses and anything new we come across we go out of our way to get involved...

• Examples of these technologies:

• Mac and Windows PCs

• iPhones, iPads, Androids.

• Servers (Mac server, Windows Servers, NAS - like Synology and QNAP)

• Networking

• Adobe products

• Autodesk products

• Vectorworks

• Cinema 4D

• Microsoft Office

• Microsoft Office 365

• Google G Suite

• Kerio

• loads more...